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  Understanding the "Fake 307" redirects in Chrome

In the case of a redirect via HTTPS you can see a 307 redirect when it's really Chrome messing with you.

The extension then reports, back that the server has previously indicated this domain should always be accessed via HTTPS (HSTS Policy per Chrome has cached this internally, and did not connect to any server for this redirect. Chrome reports this redirect as a "307 Internal Redirect" which simply does not exist per

However this probably would have been a "301 Permanent redirect" originally and the Google guys made fun of the webmaster community maybe. You can verify this by clearing your browser cache and visiting the original URL again.

Please note that this is kind of a weird behavior and that Google even calls 307 redirects "a lie" in a post by John Muller titled

"A search-engine guide to 301, 302, 307, & other redirects" at

However server side 307 redirects do exist. ;-)

This is how the "Fake 307" looks like in Link Redirect Trace.

This is how a real 307 server side redirect looks like.